Mr Fyffe

Displaying 1542.jpgOn the ninth wednesday. Mr fyffe the mayor
came to our school to tell us what he did in his job as the mayor. And we all asked him questions. And most of us got his Autograph. And we all enjoyed it.


Wartime, Death, Destruction.

A beautiful 16 year old girl coming to visit her home or what was left of it.

As she flicks through her mothers diary, she hears gunshots in the distance.

She runs into her parents bedroom, the old cupboard is the only thing untouched.

she hears yelling outside she runs and walks into the cupboard she hears the men outside. She slows her breathing.

she hears footsteps coming closer. she hears the footsteps stop. she stops her breathing she hears “she isnt here”

she hears the footsteps leave. she thinks “were they looking for me”