Cinquain poems

Here are some of my good cinquain poems.

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Website, information

Pushing, clicking, smashing

Search anything you want





Tasty, round

Throwing, catching, chewing

A yummy delicious mess


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Round, dough

Chomping, squeezeing, throwing

A round triangular shape



A cinquain poem has a topic for the first line

Two discriptive words on the second line

3 doing words on the third line

And on the fourth line it has a four word sentence

And the fith has a synonym for the topic hope this helped.

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Nathaniel lucas

Nathaniel Lucas

First fleet convict


Nathaniel Lucas was a convict transported to Australia on the First Fleet. His occupation was listed as carpenter.


Birth – Death

Nathaniel was born in 1764 at Leatherhead UK

Nathaniel died on the 28 of April 1818 Liverpool


Nathaniel was married to Olivia Gascoigne.

They were both convicts. In 1787 Nathaniel was transported on the Scarborough and Olivia on the Lady Penrhyn. After arriving in Sydney Cove in January 1788 They got married



His father was William John Lucas a builder of Thames Ditton Surrey his mother was Mary Nee Bradford.